Merit Badge Completions at Summer Camp

The Council Advancement Committee receives, each year after summer camp at CRM, questions from some units about the unit's ability to "allow" or "disallow" merit badges signed off by our Summer Camp Staff.

National Advancement Policy states that once a merit badge has been signed off by an approved, registered, merit badge counselor it is considered earned and the Scout must be credited with earning the badge.

All of the merit badges offered at CRM are under the supervision of a registered, approved merit badge counselor who is actually the person that "approves" the earning of the badge for each Scout. Many of our classes, like most other council's summer camps, are taught by an instructor, under the supervision and guidance of an approved counselor. We believe we offer one of the highest quality merit badge programs of any summer camp.

In order to allow units to have more of a part in the quality control aspect concerning merit badges offered at camp and to comply with the National Advancement Policy of "once it's earned it's earned" we are implementing, for the 2013 summer camp season, the following procedure for any unit that wishes to participate.

Upon check in at CRM, and the unit leader meeting with the Program Director, the unit leader may "opt out" of having our counselors/instructors sign off on merit badges as completed at camp. This will allow the unit to have a registered, approved, merit badge counselor of their choice follow up with their Scouts after summer camp. Our instructors at camp will be acting as a resource in instruction for your merit badge counselor leaving final approval of the merit badge in the hands of your counselor after returning from summer camp.

To facilitate this, units wishing to "opt out" must furnish a letter to the Program Director at check in, listing the merit badges they wish to opt out of at camp. All Scouts from their unit taking these merit badges will leave camp with a "partial" completion to be signed off on by the units selected merit badge counselor. The letter must be signed by the unit leader (Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor or Team Coach) dated, and have the unit leaders name printed on the letter also. This letter will stay on file with the summer camp records in case issues arise later concerning what was earned at camp.

Your unit leader should be sure and inform your Scouts, and their parents, as to which merit badges the unit leader is "opting out of" so as not to cause issues later.

Thank you for choosing to attend Camp Rainey Mountain / Scoutland as your summer camp this year and feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

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